Tips for winning Uber-Picks


If you love sports, you’ll love playing Uber-Picks!  By playing Uber-Picks alongside your favorite sports, you’ll add even more excitement and enjoyment to being a sports fan!

The objective of Uber-Picks is to tally the highest score possible by correctly picking winning teams of sports of your choosing, but that’s only the start.  You’ll maximize your score by strategically assigning “Confidence Points” to each of your picks (the more confident you are of a pick, the more points you should assign).

For each game you pick correctly, you’ll earn the number of points you assigned to that game.  Note: Games that end in a tie or are cancelled will be scored as a correct pick.

Uber-Picks also features “Sidekicks”–which you can use to boost your score even further and add even more fun to playing.

Choose the Uber-Picks sports of your choice to play from our games index HERE.


Win shares of the big weekly Zackpots (10,000 Rewardicals per game) by posting one of the 50 highest scores (the total of the points you’ve assigned to winning teams, plus Sidekick Bonus Points).

Also earn cool badges and compete for the top spots on the Uber-Picks Leaderboards!  See details below.


Uber-Picks is available (when sport is in season) for:

  • MLB (Major League Baseball)
  • NFL (National American Football League)
  • NBA (National Basketball Association)
  • FIFA-Europe
  • FIFA-North America
  • Cricket
  • NCAA Football (American college football)
  • NCAA Basketball (American college basketball)

Choose the Uber-Picks sports of your choice to play from our games index HERE.


1. Go to the Eager Zebra Games index page at TripleClicks.
2. From the current selection of Uber-Picks Games, click the one you want to play.
3. On the game page, you will see a list of the game matches (AKA the “dashboard”). For each match, click the team you expect will win that match; your selections will turn green. Note that all picks are saved automatically.
4. After you finish selecting the winners for all available matches, assign your level of confidence for your picks by clicking and dragging each match up or down the list, with your most confident choices given the most points, your least confident picks the least points. Continue arranging your list until you’re satisfied with the positions for all matches.  Your selections are saved automatically.
5. Sidekicks: Located at the bottom of the dashboard, Sidekicks are optional “mini games” you can play during the main game to win bonus points (a great way to outscore your fellow Uber-Picks players).  To play, just click the tab for the number of points you’d like to win. Each tab displays a different question, along with the cost (if any) to play. Simply enter your answer in the available field and click Save. You can choose one, several, or all of the Sidekick tabs to play!  Any points you win playing the Sidekicks is added to your total score.

6. When the last game is concluded, you’ll be sent an email notice if your total score is amongst the top 50 highest scores. You can also check the WINNERS list at any time for a list of each contest’s winners.



All Uber-Picks games are free to enter.  NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO WIN.


  1. For Uber-Picks FIFA, goals scored in extra time (not penalty shootout) COUNT.
  2. For Uber-Picks FIFA, goals scored during the penalty shootout do NOT count.


To win one on more shares of the Uber-Picks Zackpot, you must post one of the 50 highest scores of the contest.  Those posting a top 10 score will receive 3 shares each of the Zackpot.  All others will receive 1 share of the Zackpot.  Note:  In the case of a tie, the earliest entry will be the tiebreaker.


Not sure who’s going to win a game?  Use the “Ask The Audience” (ATA) feature for any game to get real-time stats on how other contestants are picking (with the stats automatically updating throughout the week).  Use ATA for FREE for any one game within any Uber-Picks contest.  You can view the ATA stats for up to five total games per Uber-Picks contest (2nd game costs 1 TCredit, 3rd game costs 2 TCredits, 4th game costs 3 TCredits, and the 5th game costs 4 TCredits).


For each TCredit spent playing Uber-Picks, you’ll earn 10 Rewardicals, redeemable for free Bitcoin, gift cards, silver bullion, and more! If you’re an SFI Affiliate, you can also exchange your Rewardicals for unlimited VersaPoints, PSAs, and PRMs!


Sidekicks, located in the panel just below the Uber-Picks entry screen, are little optional “mini-games” you can play while playing Uber-Picks to earn additional points.  Following are some of the standard Sidekicks (each individual sport may also feature one or more unique-to-that-sport Sidekick):

1. Predict the highest scoring game to earn 3 Bonus Points

  • Cost: FREE
  • Limit: Once per Uber-Picks contest
  • Must enter prior to start of first game

2. Predict the lowest scoring game to earn 10 Bonus Points

  • Cost: 1 TCredit
  • Limit: Once per Uber-Picks contest
  • Must enter prior to start of first game

3. Predict how many home teams will win to earn 9 Bonus Points

  • Cost: 1 TCredit
  • Limit: Once per Uber-Picks contest
  • Must enter prior to start of first game

4. Choose one game as your “lock.”  Get this game right to earn 15 Bonus Points (or lose 15 Bonus Points if wrong)

  • Cost: 1 TCredit
  • Limit: Once per Uber-Picks contest
  • Must enter prior to start of first game


The Uber-Picks Leaderboard automatically tracks and provides rankings for points you score playing all Uber-Picks contests (for both individual sports and all sports combined).

Note: So that all players have the opportunity to reach the top of the leaderboard, points are reduced by 20% every 30 days.

Being amongst the top 500 on any Uber-Picks Leaderboard also earns you badges (see following BADGES section for more information).


1. An Uber-Picks contest entry earns you the “In it to win it!” badge–yours until the contest ends.  Tip: By participating regularly in the weekly Uber-Picks contests, you can keep possession of this badge continually.  Note that once you’ve earned an Uber-Picks WINNER badge, you’ll no longer see this badge (it is supplanted by the Winner badge).

2. Posting one of the 50 highest scores for any Uber-Picks contest earns you the WINNER badge (or an upgraded “X-Times Winner” version of the badge) for that individual sports category. Make the top 50 three times to add bronze trim to your badge. Make the top 50 five times to add silver trim to your badge.  Make the top 50 ten times to add gold trim to your badge.

3. There are also Uber-Picks Leaderboard badges for each sports category and for all sports combined. The minimum leaderboard rank to receive a Uber-Picks Leaderboard badge is 500. Add bronze trim by achieving a top 200 rank. Add silver trim by achieving a top 50 rank. Add gold trim by achieving a top 10 rank.  You can view the Uber-Picks Leaderboard HERE.


Want to see how you did in a past week, such as which teams you picked to win and how many Confidence Points you assigned to each game?  To get this information, simply go to our WINNERS page and click on the sport/contest date you’re wanting to review.  From this link you’ll be provided with your full entry information (picks, points, etc.).

Grab your “LineUP,” the remote, and hit the couch!

Once you’ve made your picks, be sure to print out a copy of your Uber-Picks LineUP (link located at the top, right side of the dashboard).  Your LineUp includes all your picks, all your Sidekick predictions, space to mark your wins, and lists each game and their start times, too. Perfect for following along from your couch or on the run.  Your LineUP also includes fun stats like:

  • The percentage of TripleClicks members who made the same picks you did
  • The average Confidence Points assigned by all TripleClicks members for each game
  • Your current ranking in any Uber-Picks leagues you’re participating in
  • Your overall record
  • Your leaderboard ranks for all Uber-Picks sports
  • and more!


As an Uber-Picks aficionado, you can also start your own FREE private league and play Uber-Picks with your sports friends, co-workers, etc.

6 great reasons to start your own Uber-Picks league

  1. You get to be the CEO of your own personalized, private sports league!
  2. Competing with your friends and co-workers is uber-FUN (especially if you create your own weekly and/or season prize for your league members).
  3. Makes the sports season even more exciting!
  4. All of your league’s members can play FREE every week!
  5. Play year around in multiple different sports!
  6. We do all the hard work…and we do it all for FREE! The customized league website included has a leaderboard that tracks all scoring for all of your league’s members throughout the season, a live chat board, and more.  All you have to do is invite your league members; we’ll take care of everything else including distributing badges and any shares of the Zackpot won each week.  We’ll also send out an email reminder to any of your members who haven’t yet made their picks before each deadline, and all of your league members will also receive a weekly recap email that recognizes the members who finished with the highest scores, and more.  Again, all provided FREE!>>> To set up your own Uber-Picks league, get started HERE.