Tips for winning Time Machine 9/15/17

The September 15, 2017 Time Machine contest features the following question:

What will the rounded price of Bitcoin be on October 31st?


On October 31, 2017, at exactly 11 AM CT, what will be the price of one Bitcoin, rounded to the closest US Dollar (per this chart)?

If you have access to an actual time machine, you can of course simply travel to the future and retrieve the answer.  If not, you can familiarize with what Bitcoin is and how it works to help ascertain the answer.  Here are some informative articles for you:

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Basics

Getting started with Bitcoin – the Internet of money


Q: What is the deadline for entering?
A: All entries must be in by 9:00 pm CT on October 30, 2017.

Q: When exactly will the bitcoin price for Time Machine be considered final?
A: October 31, 2017, at precisely 11 AM CT, per this chart.

Q: What should an entry look like?
A: We are looking only for the numbers to the left of the decimal.  And you’ll either round up or round down to a whole number in US Dollars.


  • Enter 3956 if you think the price will be $3956.49 on October 31st at 11 AM.
  • Enter 5021 if you think the price will be $5020.87 on October 31st at 11 AM.

(anything below .50 is rounded down; anything of .50 or above is rounded up)

Q: So how many digits can my entry have?
Anything from one to six digits is possible, but a winning entry will likely be four digits based on recent trends.

Q: Where can I find more information on Bitcoin and what the price might be on October 31st?
Enter “bitcoin price” into any good search engine and you’ll find oodles of information.  Or narrow your search by trying something like “2017 bitcoin price.”

Q: When will the winner(s) be revealed?
A: The winner (or winners) will be revealed here on the evening of October 31, 2017.

Q: Where can I enter?
A: You can learn more about Time Machine and enter HERE.

Q: When will the next Time Machine game start
A: After the entry period ends for October 31st Bitcoin predictions, a new Time Machine contest will start on or about October 30, 2017.

Q: My time machine is in the shop (Flux Capacitor leak).  Can I borrow a friend’s?
A: Yes, our rules allow you to use another person’s time machine.  However, you must travel to the future yourself.  You cannot send someone else to the future to get the answer for you.