Introducing…Big Dog games, Junior games, and more!

Everyone who is familiar with our very popular Pricebenders auctions knows about the following auction types:

  • 1WA auctions (auctions for those looking for their first win)
  • Junior auctions
  • Big Dog auctions

We’re excited today to announce that all of these attributes will now be appearing regularly in our Knockout Trivia games, too!

We will be testing different percentages, but currently you will see:

  • 1W (restricted to only those who’ve not yet won) on 4% of matches
  • Junior (restricted to only those with 5 wins or less) on 4% of matches
  • Big Dog auctions on 4% of matches

What makes Big Dog games…big dog?  Entry for Big Dog games will be 5 TCredits.  Lifelines, revivals, etc. will also cost more TCredits.  So why play when it costs more?  Here are three big reasons:

  1. Bigger Zackpots are likely
  2. Less competition is likely
  3. Winners earn a special Knockout Trivia Big Dog badge (note: expires after 15 days).


Your first opportunity  to earn Big Dog status will be in match #2109, which will be coming up in about 15-20 minutes (from this post time).

We are going to also continue to offer free entry for 48% of all matches.

To know which attribute each current or upcoming game is using (if any), simply check out the Knockout Trivia panel on the GAMES index at:


FYI: So that you can be alerted to the types of games you want to participate in, we will soon be making available a special Eager Zebra Twitter feed that you’ll be able to subscribe to to receive notifications of games starts for each of the different types of games.

New Eager Zebra game, Knockout Trivia, is HERE!

ZachSaysWelcomeKOTThe latest creation from the Eager Zebra game laboratory, KNOCKOUT TRIVIA, has arrived (first match scheduled for 10 AM CT today, Monday, July 7th).

In Knockout Trivia, your objective is to outlast your fellow players answering trivia questions.  For each question, you’re provided with four answers to choose from.  Choose the right answer and you’ll move on to the next round…or get knocked out with a wrong one. Be the last player standing to win 80% of the Zackpot (20% goes to the runner-up or is shared if multiple runner-ups) and a Knockout Trivia badge like this for your Member TConnect Page:


IMPORTANT!  Before you start playing, make sure to first read our Knockout Trivia TIPS article HERE.


  • Fun and educational!
  • Multiple games every hour–play whenever you want!
  • Win Zackpots and hundreds of mighty TCredits!
  • Earn unlimited Member Rewards Points (5 MRP for each TCredit used)!
  • Earn trivia points with each question you answer correctly and rule the Trivia Points Leaderboard!
  • Dominate the Top Player Leaderboard with Knockout Trivia wins and runner-up finishes!
  • Earn awesome badges for your mantel!
  • Help your country win the gold medal (see “country competition” below)!


Silhouettes of People Holding Flags From Various CountriesA fun little feature of Knockout Trivia is the display of the flags of the countries with the most players in the game.  Root your country on to victory from the sidelines or, better yet, enter the game and help your country win the top spots on the new Trivia Points Leaderboard and the Top Player Leaderboard–a leaderboard that tracks how every country in the world is doing in ALL Eager Zebra games!


1. Knockout Trivia has been tested extensively, but because it’s impossible to test every possible hardware/system/ISP combination, it is still considered a beta.  If you are using one of the latest browsers (we recommend Safari, Chrome, or Firefox), you should have a great experience when playing Knockout Trivia, but it is possible there may still be minor glitches in the short term. Your feedback in helping us identify any remaining hiccups is appreciated!

2. Knockout Trivia isn’t for everybody–especially if English is not your native language.  But don’t worry, because we have many, many more games coming that you are sure to like!

3. The buttons in the top right corner of Knockout Trivia (and all Eager Zebra games) are your friends!  Use them for quick, one-click access to TIPS for winning, WINNERS lists, LEADERBOARDS, and more Eager Zebra games you may be interested in playing.

You can enter Knockout Trivia NOW at:

Note! For a limited time, every other Knockout Trivia match is 100% free to enter and play (no TCredits required)!  So if you arrive and the game requires a TCredit to enter, just wait for the next game to start (about 20 minutes after the current game ends) if you’d like a free entry.

P.S. By playing today (during first 24 hours), you’ll also earn yourself an exclusive, one-time only “PREMIER PLAYER” badge–a special badge that tells the world you were part of Eager Zebra history–that you played Knockout Trivia during its very first day!